30 5 / 2012

Just read 2 books in the past 30 hours. 

Thirteen Reasons Why- Suspense novel about a girl who kills herself and then leaves tapes telling 13 people how they were indirectly- or otherwise - involved in her death. Seriously had to read in one sitting cause I was too curious to set it aside. (found out after I read it that someone bought movie rights and Selena gomez is possibly set to play Hannah Baker) 

50 Shades of Grey- Not necessarily everyones taste. Pretty much how everyone describes it after they say “uhhhh” and giggle a bit. It would definitely offend some people but I read it, enjoyed it, and will most likely be reading the next two. “Laters, Baby.” 

Also I don’t want a nook/kindle/whatever. I like lending good books to my friends, using my bahamas bookmark, & physically turning the pages. YER WELCOME.